Roof Repairs

Most roofs require maintaining from time to time. Tell tale signs of damage are water staining, daylight showing in the loft, slipped tiles and cracks in mortar. Chiswick & Fulham Roofing provide a free, no obligation service where we assess if repairs are required and advise you accordingly. We repair all types of roofs whether pitched, flat, household or industrial.

Emergencies & Storm Repairs

If you suffer storm damage or a roofing emergency, Chiswick & Fulham Roofing offer a fast call out to apply temporary measures to protect your property. We can then provide a detailed assessment of what repairs are required to your roof.


Chimney stacks often require re-pointing. If you notice that the mortar between the bricks on the chimney has weathered it should be re-pointed to stop rain penetrating the brickwork and causing further damage.

Flashing Repairs

Roof flashing is used to seal gaps and holes reducing the risk of damage occurring from leaks. Available from a wide range of materials including lead, aluminium, silicone and bitumen to suit different roofing types and situations.


Other Repair Services: Leadwork; Valleys

roof repairs